Kristy Ann Tolleth Scruggs

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Kristy was a popular, gregarious cheerleader in high school, who became a young mother to her daughter Cassandra at 19. Then she found a drug life style that took her away from us for 20 years. In 2010 she suffered an aneurysm and by God’s grace and mercy she was healed from that long time addiction and she never touched any drug again.

While she fought through the physical complications caused by her lifestyle in the past, she found a passion to help homeless and also to talk to young people about drug abuse. Our mom, Mary Ann, was inspired by Kristy’s sincere desire so the two of them began gathering items for homeless people, for blessing bags and started the charity Kristy’s Legacy, a foundation Kristy hoped would do good after she was gone.

In August 2012, she went in to hospital for a small scheduled surgery. It didn’t turn out well as expected. She nearly lost her life right after the surgery. Yet she was determined to live through so she could share her story with others. Many of her friends and her church family prayed for her healing. After 3 weeks she was released from the hospital to go home.

She was able to spend 3 days with family and her kitty that she loved before God called her Home on September 7th, 2012. She was survived by her daughter Cassandra Grimmet, siblings Kathy Tolleth McQueen, Jon Tolleth, and Sandra Laurence. Also her parents Fred Tolleth, and Maryann and Jerry Haynes.

  • Birth

    12 26 1966Riverside, Riverside, California, USA

  • Marriage

    1986North Bend, WA

     Robert Scrugss
  • Residence

    1994North Bend, WA

  • Residence

    1995Seattle, WA

  • Residence

    2010Chelan, Washington, USA

  • Death

    7 Sep 2012Chelan County, Washington, USA


Alan Tolleth

Married to Joan L Tolleth, Alan died of Lung Cancer which metastasized to his brain. He had a degree in Biochemistry and once told me a story about helping put man on the moon by inventing something that worked within the filtration system. Apparently he got a plaque from NASA for it. I am told it hung at the Smithsonian, someday I’d like to apply to see it and check out the story.. He quit working as a chemist because he said the labs were too dangerous, people kept getting blown up. Afterwards he started to raise cattle in Oregon. We had a big Fourth of July family reunions there every year. He and my father Fred were very close, but I never met my Uncle Hale because of a falling out between the brothers. He and Joan had four sons; Jon, David, Grant and Matthew who survived him.

Frederick C Tolleth

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  • Children

    Sandra Tolleth

    Jonathan Tolleth

    Kristy Ann Tolleth

  • Kathy Lee Tolleth

  •  Maryann Gomes


 Claire Tolleth
 Theresa Domagalski
 Life Story Event
  • New Job

    Began working at Boeing as an Engineer in 1969, eventually becoming the head of Structural Dynamics before here retired in 1989


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Retired  from Boeing and moved to Mexico then Costa Rica.

died Costa Rica 2016, survived by children Sandra, Jonathan, Kathy and spouse Yvonne

Theresa Domagalski Tolleth

Theresa Domagalski was born about 1908, in Michigan. She had three sons with Claire Tolleth. She died on August 26, 2005, at the age of 97.

Life Story Family

Theresa Domagalski


  •  Claire Tolleth


John Domagalski

Mary Nedzwskli

Life Story Events

  • Birth

    Theresa Domagalski was born in 1908 in Michigan.



    Theresa Domagalski lived in Portage, Wisconsin, in 1930.

    Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife

  • ABT


    AGE 22

    Birth of Son

    Her son Hale was born in 1930.

    Hale Tolleth


  • 5 DEC


    AGE 25

    The End of Prohibition

    Theresa Domagalski may have been part of the majority that celebrated in Portage, Wisconsin when the 21st Amendment ended national alcohol prohibition on December 5, 1933.

    • The End of Prohibition
  • 1933

    AGE 25

    The Wisconsin Milk Strike

    Theresa Domagalski lived in Portage, Wisconsin during the Great Depression, when Wisconsin’s mainstay dairy industry was shattered.

    • The Wisconsin Milk Strike
  • 21 JAN


    AGE 56

    Death of Husband

    Her husband Claire passed away on January 21, 1964, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 61.

    Claire Tolleth


  • 26 AUG


    AGE 97



    Theresa Domagalski died on August 26, 2005, when she was 97 years old.

    Her ashes were spread on the top on Mt Si overlooking the Snoqualmie Valley where her grandchildren grew up; Carlene Laurence, Angie Laurence, Sandra Tolleth Laurence and Kathy Tolleth McQueen in attendance. After her ashes were dispersed a cloud of green dragonflies appeared out of nowhere to chase the dust down the mountain….so now when we see a dragonfly we think of Grandma Theresa.

Claire Hudson Tolleth

Claire Tolleth is my grandfather, he married twice before  dying in 1964 having never served in either of the great wars, probably because he had rheumatoid arthritis . He was the father of four children and a sign painter by profession.

Family links:
Henry Tolleth (1865 – 1953)
Lena Hanson Tolleth (1867 – 1962)Spouses:Teresa Domagalski Tolleth McCalmont (1907- 8/26/2005)
Violet Elizabeth Cramer Tolleth (1903 – 1997)

Gertrude Tolleth (1886 – 1973)*
Agnes Tolleth Edmonds (1887 – 1918)*
Hale Robert Tolleth (1890 – 1964)*
Florence F Tolleth Risinger (1892 – 1976)*
Frederick Tolleth (1894 – 1894)*
Dewey Edward Tolleth (1898 – 1975)*
Claire Hudson Tolleth (1902 – 1964)
Margaret Tolleth Shumway (1906 – 1987)*


Hale Tolleth

Alan Tolleth

Fred Tolleth

Margaret Tolleth **
*Calculated relationship

Inglewood Park Cemetery
Los Angeles County
California, USA

Lena Hanson Tolleth

lenahansontollethMy great grandmother Lena. Nice legs huh? Census records show her parents were born in Denmark, making her a first generation American housekeeper and mother of 8.

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Lena Hanson was born about 1867, in Waupaca, Wisconsin. She had two sons, one daughter, and five other children with Henry Tolleth. She died on November 13, 1962, in Wisconsin, at the age of 95.

Life Story Family


  •  Henry Tolleth


Unknown Father

Unknown Mother

Life Story Map


Life Story Events

  •  Birth

    Lena Hanson was born in 1867 in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

  • OCT


    AGE 20

    Birth of Daughter

    Her daughter Agnes was born in October 1887 in Wisconsin.

    Agnes Tolleth


  • 1890

    AGE 23

    Birth of Child

    Her child Hale was born in 1890.

    Hale Robert Tolleth


  • MAY


    AGE 31

    Birth of Son

    Her son Dewey was born in May 1898 in Wisconsin.

    Dewey Tolleth


  • 9 AUG


    AGE 35

    Birth of Son

    Her son Claire was born on August 9, 1902, in Wild Rose, Wisconsin.

    Claire Tolleth


  • 1910

    AGE 43


    Lena Hanson lived in Rose, Wisconsin, in 1910.

    Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife

  • Great Lakes Storm of 1913

    In 1913, Lena Hanson was living in Rose, Wisconsin when a devastating storm furiously slammed the Great Lakes.

    • Great Lakes Storm of 1913

      7 NOV


      AGE 46

  • America Enters World War I

    When the United States declared war on Germany in 1917, Lena Hanson was probably living in Rose, Wisconsin.

    • America Enters World War I
  • Residence

    Lena Hanson lived in Newport, Wisconsin, in 1930.

    Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife

  • 1953

    AGE 86

    Death of Husband

    Her husband Henry passed away in 1953 at the age of 88.

    Henry Tolleth


  • 13 NOV


    AGE 95


    Lena Hanson died on November 13, 1962, in Wisconsin when she was 95 years old.


Martha Jones Tolleth

My great great great grandmother Mrs. Martha Jones Tolleth, died December 31 age 82 years 11 months and 22 days.
Mrs. Tolleth was born in Cayuga county N.Y. January 8 1825, and was carried westward by the tide of immigration to share in the experience of pioneer life. She has outlived three husbands and has usually made her home with her daughter Mrs. Frank Fanning of the east divide, since her last husband’s death. She had just returned from Wisconsin where she has one child residing and again takes up her home with Mr. Fanning. A _________ prior to her death she hurt her hand slightly, and from which it was thought she had recovered. On Saturday before her death it became apparent that the injury, though slight, was threatening to become serious. A physician was summoned and it was pronounced blood poisoning which despite the best of care and attention ended her life at 10 o’clock p.m. the last day of the old year thus enabling her to begin the New Year with her Maker.
She leaves two sons and two daughters,many relatives and a host of acquaintances and friends, to mourn her loss.53258866_127569990437
The funeral occurred from the Fanning residence, January 2 , 1908,conducted by Elder Wine. Internment in Mount Hope Cemetery.”
Date and name of paper unknown